King's EconoMathSociety

Mission Statement

KEMS is a society made up of members passionate about Economics, Mathematics, and learning. It was established in April, 2015 and officially ratified by the King’s University College Students’ Council in September, 2015 ( We are sincerely devoted to helping our members succeed in their academic endeavors and giving them the opportunity to extend their classroom learning to real world applications.

What We Do


Networking opportunities are available at all KEMS events and include professional events, such as the annual Speaker Convention, and social events like the September Social and Karaoke Night.


We provide extensive support for all first year mathematics and economic courses, as well as most upper year economic courses. These include mock exams, study review sessions, free tutoring, and tutorial sessions.

Enrichement Program

The KEMS Enrichment Program (KEP) is designed to provide workshops, lecture series, case competitions, and other career or graduate school-related resources. It will also soon introduce an Internship Program.

  • Membership Cards

    As with most clubs, KEMS has a membership fee of $5.00 that can be paid upon joining. By paying this fee, you will receive a Membership Card with your name, KEMS ID #, and its expiry date.

    This card will allow you to receive free tutoring services and have access to free academic resources and events for the year. A KEMS ID # also allows volunteer hours, meeting and event attendance to be recorded to establish recipients of the KEMS Certificate of Excellence Award and other additional prizes.

  • → KEMS Publishing Team

    A branch of KEMS, the Publishing Team acts as one entity to organize, edit, and publish the EBM Insider as well as other promotional material. Currently, the team consists of two co-editors, seven writers, and two photographers. We are always looking to expand and have opportunities for both domestic and international students.

    Our main goal through the publishing team is to encourage independent thought and develop research skills related to the fields of business, economics, and mathematics. We work closely with the EBM Department in ensuring the content is relevant and designed in a high-quality fashion.

Our EventsCome Join Us at Our Events

  • Bitcoin

    The Bitcoin workshop was the largest event provided through the Enrichment Program. It outlined the economic significance of crypto currencies, specifically Bitcoin.

    Mock Exams

    Mock exams are open to both members and non-members and provide a unique opportunity to better-prepare for finals while receiving support from fellow peers, faculty, and upper-year students.

    KEMS Ceremony

    At the end of each year, KEMS hosts a ceremony to award all outstanding contributions made by its members and acts as a final social gathering before summer break.

  • Speaker Convention

    KEMS aims to provide at least one large networking and informational event. During the 2015-16 academic year, the society organized and hosted its first annual speaker convention highlighting the theme of where an economics, business, and/or mathematics degree might take you as a career.

    Network & Chill

    A night of games, food, and socializing as a way to relax and enjoy a stress-free evening before finals begin.

    September Social

    The first social event of the year provides a platform for new members to meet and learn more about the goals and events of the upcoming academic year.

Our Team

  • Team Member

    Ester Gerassime

    President & Founder

    Ensures the success of the club in its entirety by overseeing the VPs, coordinators and members. Holds meetings with Student Council, liaisons, special guests, vice presidents, and club members.

    Team Member

    Alonso Mauricio Garcia

    Executive Vice President, Secretary, Co-Founder

    Acts as a mediator between the President and the VP’s as well as club members. Assists the President in scheduling meetings and appointments as well as representing the President if they are absent during meetings.

    Team Member

    Anna Fung

    Vice President of Finance

    Creates and manages KEMS budget for the academic year. Manages all club funds and applies for club grants where they are needed.

  • Team Member

    Chirag Arora

    Vice President of Academics

    Organizes and operates study groups, review sessions and mock exams for all math and economics courses offered by KEMS during the academic year.

    Team Member

    Joseph Kahenga

    Vice President of Events

    Coordinates with other VP’s to ensure that events are planned and run smoothly, this includes ensuring all materials, food, and drinks are bought during events.

    Team Member

    Seleena Jarligo

    Vice President of Operations & Public Relations

    Maintains ongoing relations with guest speakers, club members, VPs, official club liaisons, the EBM department, and any corporations or businesses.

  • Team Member

    Sulamita Romanchik

    Vice President of Advertising & Marketing

    Maintains all social media outlets, creates posters and flyers to advertise events. Coordinates with VPs to ensure proper advertising and marketing for all events and activities.

    Team Member

    Ruta Tewari

    Human Resources Manager

    Responsible for interviewing tutor candidates and applicants, and maintains tutor applications, course submission forms and testing material.

    Team Member

    Manali Mazmudar

    Human Resources Manager

    Responsible for interviewing tutor candidates and applicants, and maintains tutor applications, course submission forms and testing material.

  • Team Member

    Ashley MacDonald

    Technology Coordinator

    Ensures technology requirements are met during events and club activities. Maintains OWL as well as content for KEMS website.

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King’s University College at Western University

266 Epworth Avenue, ON

N6A 2M3